Perfecting Parenting Press, founded in 2007, is committed to clarifying the many conflicting theories of parenting children so parents can feel sure that their approach will guide their children in helpful directions rather than resulting in uncertainty, frustration, and disappointment. It publishes the books of Annye Rothenberg, Ph.D., because it shares her mission.

Perfecting Parenting Press utilizes the groundbreaking new concept of two-section books – a section for children and a section for parents. Each of the books in this series  consists of a story told with warmth and humor and beautifully illustrated with eye-catching color that helps children learn the important lessons parents are trying to teach. The second section in each book is a comprehensive manual that concisely teaches parents very practical ways to avoid or correct common parenting mistakes and get  confidently on the right track.

The six books in the preschoolers' series are-- Mommy and Daddy Are Always Supposed To Say Yes … Aren’t They?, Why Do I Have To?, I Like To Eat Treats, I Don't Want To Go To The Toilet, I Want To Make Friends, and I'm Getting Ready For Kindergarten.  The first book in the new elementary school series -also for children and parents- is Why Can't I Be the Boss of Me? (published September, 2015).

These books will also be very valuable to pediatricians, preschool and elementary school teachers and counselors, parent educators, mental health professionals, pediatric dieticians, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, children's librarians, and others who guide children and families – and, of course, to grandparents.

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