ABOUT I'm Getting Ready For Kindergarten

The sixth book in the preschool series, I'm Getting Ready For Kindergarten, shows you how to prepare your child for everything that will be expected in today's more demanding kindergarten.

I'm Getting Ready For Kindergarten
By B. Annye Rothenberg, Ph.D., Child/Parent Psychologist

Illustrated by Bonnie Bright

48 Pages, full color illustrations, 8x10” paperbound

Price: $9.95
Published by Perfecting Parenting Press

As a parent of a child soon to start kindergarten, you wonder if your child will be prepared. You're heard many opinions, such as “they learn everything they need to when they get to kindergarten.” And you've heard that much more is expected in today's kindergarten – that kindergarten is “the new first grade,” where reading and writing start right away. You wonder if your child needs another year in preschool before he or she goes to kindergarten, to avoid being the youngest and struggling to keep up with the class.

This all-in-one book by Annye Rothenberg, Ph.D., San Francisco Bay Area child/parent psychologist, teaches youngsters and their parents. The book combines a realistic story for children with a comprehensive manual for parents. Dr. Rothenberg has successfully counseled hundreds of families whose children will soon begin kindergarten.  In this book, she shares the knowledge she has gained from more than 25 years of professional experience and from being a mother.

I'm Getting Ready For Kindergarten provides a complete package for parents. It covers every area you need to look at so you can be sure your child can be successful and happy in kindergarten. This book covers academic, social, and emotional skills. It also covers how to get your child to listen to you and to other adults; what you should be expecting of your child in the areas of dressing, cleaning up, etc.; and what you can ask him or her to do for the family. You'll also learn how to help your child get off to kindergarten each day with minimal stress and how to provide balance after his or her busy kindergarten day. In each of these and the other topics covered, such as speech and motor skills, you'll read the questions you need to ask yourself so you'll know if your child needs more help in that skill or not, and if he or she does, how to provide the help.

Because of the complete package of topics in the parent guidance section, you will also be able to more easily decide whether you should send your child to kindergarten or wait another year.

During the months before kindergarten, our children also have lots of questions about going to “big kids' school.” They want to know, “What will I do there? Will the teacher be nice? Will I have friends? Is it like preschool? Will I like kindergarten?” Most youngsters are excited, but also a little worried. This culturally diverse book  includes a story for children that answers all their questions, including what you'll be helping them learn and practice for kindergarten. The children's questions are the ones most commonly asked by entering kindergartners, and your child will identify with those children and be relieved to know that other children have those questions too. The answers are realistic and reassuring. As parents, you'll be well prepared to explain kindergarten to your child and even set a visit to see the classroom and meet the teacher. (You'll also enjoy the younger sister's lighthearted views.)

This is the up to date, complete, and straightforward book that you've been waiting for. Finally, it's here. You and your spouse can be on the same page knowing how to help your child get off to a good start with a smooth adjustment to kindergarten.

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