ABOUT Why Can't I Be the Boss of Me?

This first book in the Elementary School Series, Why Can't I Be the Boss of Me?, helps children accept their parents' role as leaders in the family and teaches parents how to gain (or regain) that role with their children.

Why Can't I Be the Boss of Me?

Why Can't I Be the Boss of Me?
By B. Annye Rothenberg, Ph.D., Child/Parent Psychologist

Illustrated by Bonnie Bright

48 Pages, full color illustrations, 8x10” paperbound

Price: $9.95
Published by Perfecting Parenting Press

You thought the elementary school years were going be the easiest years in parenting. Then why do your kids expect to have their way? Why don't they accept that you're in charge? How come they're so disrespectful? What can you do about all this because it's too frustrating and infuriating to put up with for another ten years. Even though it can be be hard to admit that your family has this difficulty, you will find in this book , the insight and tools you need so your children accept you, their parents, as the leaders of the family.

This book has a story for elementary school children and a guidance section for parents. Annye Rothenberg, PhD., Child/Parent Psychologist, experienced with the everyday concerns of typical children and parents, has written this unique two section book. Her books have received rave reviews from parents and professionals.

The story tells of a boy who believes he should decide what he gets to do. His parents have not realized how much they have been giving in to him but have seen how furious, defiant and disrespectful he gets when they don't. The parents know this can't continue. How they guide him to understand and accept his role in the family is shown in a realistic, informative and empathetic story.

The parent guidance section explains what to expect of kindergarten to third grade children and how much say to give them. Why children won't do what we say and what to do about that. You'll find out how to motivate your children without bribing and what are the new and better consequences. You'll learn the tools to use so children will understand about how much say they can have in decision-making and grow their problem-solving skills. You'll also develop more skill in dealing with particularly difficult children and common but hard issues such as refusing to apologize, lying and getting homework done.

New insight into working with your parenting partner is explained. Through this book, you and your children will learn, "why they can't be the boss!"

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Sample from page 7

Sample from page 7

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